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Clean Your Lashes!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Lash hygiene is no joke girls! In order to keep your natural lashes from damage and infection you must clean your lashes daily. If you don't know what's best to use, don't panic, Lash Candy has you covered with everything you need to care for your fluffy new set. You can purchase Lash Candy shampoos & spoolies on the website through the online shop or pick one up at your appointment.

Neglecting to follow the after care advice given at your lash appointment can lead to a potential condition called Blepharitis.......*gasps*....*gags* - this causes a swelling of the eyelid and a loss of lashes. I won't horrify you with the evidence of what this infection can look like (google if you dare!) so I hope you'll just take my word for it ladies, keeping them squeaky clean after your appointment is as important as brushing your teeth every day!

So worry not, once you have your lash shampoo all you need to do is pump the foam onto your lash brush and give your lashes a nice bath and you are golden! Focus on the lash line as this is where the dirt and makeup will build up causing irritation, lash loss and ultimately yucky eye infections! Once dried, us your Lash Candy spoolie to fluff those bad boys back up to their full glory.

When it comes to lash after-care concerns or queries, I am always available to help guide you. During every appointment with new clients I will go through everything you need to know so you will never leave my Lash Room becoming another victim of a negligent lash lady!

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