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Its myth bustin' time!

Getting lash extensions is a luxury treatment that enhances your natural lashes, giving you the fuller, longer look you really want. This is a pain free, DAMAGE FREE service if performed by an experienced and knowledgeable lash artist and taken care of by responsible clients. Do you research beauties, book appointments with reputable lash artists and once you have your full set, keep to the aftercare advice your lash technician gives you and your natural lashes will be safe and healthy!

So let's get into it!

Myth number 1 - "Don't get your lashes wet"

Honestly, I wish I could go to anyone that gives this advice and confiscate their tweezers and put them in a time out! You should absolutely get your lashes wet because like your hair, they need cleaning to avoid a build up of dirt, oils and dead skin. The only time you will need to avoid moisture is for the first 24 hours after your lash appointment as the glue is still curing and the lash extensions are still setting. Getting moisture on the lashes during this time will encourage the bond between your natural lash and the extension to weaken and cause the extension to fall out. But after this time you are good to go! Swim, shower, play in the sprinklers in the garden if you wish but worry not, pro's use glues that wont be affected by water!

Myth number 2 - "Wearing lashes will cause damage to your natural lashes"

The only time damage is a possibility is when the lash artist has not applied the lash extensions correctly or when the client has neglected the after care advice. Pulling, rubbing or picking your extensions can absolutely cause damage as you're likely to pull your natural lash out with the extension. Also, if you sleep face down like you've been on an all day/all night booze up, then this will cause the lashes to come out as this is quite harsh rubbing of the lashes. To minimise the damage sleeping face down causes, invest in a silk/satin pillow case...yes like Kim Kardashian - hey if it's good enough for her it's good enough for us too! The silky smooth pillowcase is more gentle on your skin and lashes and actually is better for your skin so two birds and all that! (you're welcome!)

Myth number 3 - "My friend gets her lashes done and they always look so full, I want them like that!"

Well Becky, your friend had a million lashes so the lash artist was able to make her set look really full. Not everyone's lashes will look the same because every eye shape is different, every eye has a different amount of natural lashes, not to mention the length of the natural lashes! If your BFF has lashes as long as the list of people you hate then the lash artist will be able to give her longer lashes and still be applying extensions responsibly. If your lashes are naturally quite short, you will have a shorter set, even though they will be noticeably longer than what you have. In order to keep your natural lashes healthy the set will need to be shorter. Only irresponsible lash artists will give in to the peer pressure of a client demanding extensions that touch their eyebrows when their natural lashes can't physically take it. They will cause damage and the client will be quite p*ssed off to be honest when her set falls out super quickly because her little lashes gave up the good fight and died. RIP you poor things.

Myth number 4 - "All lash artists are the same"

Myth number 5 - "Russian lashes are too much for me, I think they look over the top"

Russian lashes are so versatile, that's one of the reasons they are my main and favourite treatment. I can give you a super subtle, soft set or I can send you on your way ready for back to back festival raving in full glam! The art of handmade Russian fans is that after our initial consultation, I can design the amount of fans I use to achieve the set you're looking for, ranging from 3D to 10D+ for mega volume! All my products are of superior quality which means your sets will feel lightweight, comfortable and look fluffy and expensive. I don't do cheap, plastic looking lashes!

Myth number 6 - "Lash extensions are for young girls that are super into their appearance"

My clients range from teenagers who are preparing for their first prom and BFF holidays to mums that juggle the endless tasks of mummy life that want lashes to cut out any precious time taken up putting a face on, to the more mature clients that just want to live their best lives and enjoy a little extra glam.

Fact to Finish - "Cheap lashes aren't nice and nice lashes aren't cheap"

If you want happy healthy lashes attached to a set of flawless Russians/hybrids/classics then you need to invest in a good quality lash artist that uses good quality products. You wouldn't skimp on your hairdresser and lets face it, every time we've opted for cheap nails they've always been thick and badly done so don't skimp on your lashes - they are on your face!!

It's all love.

Lash Candy

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