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Lash Candy is growing!

So it's only been 6 months since Lash Candy moved to beautiful York and already the needs of the business demanded a second pair of hands! I am so excited to announce that I have taken on a new and seriously talented, seriously beautiful and seriously boujieeeee lash artist to join me based at the Perfect Blends salon in Acomb. I’d like to introduce Emilie!! Emilie has been a loyal and regular client of mine from the day I opened in the new salon. She has such a warm heart, kind, caring and full of vision! It just made total sense to bring her on board after months of conversations, getting to know each other and developing ideas! This girl has serious drive, determination and passion for the industry that I couldn't think of anyone better to be the first hire in my business. Emilie, who is trained in classic and russian lashes has also been trained by me in all the ways of Lash Candy so every set she produces uses all the brand's secret sauce, delivering exactly what you'd expect when you visit York's ultimate lash haven.

Emilie will be creating sweet af lash sets for all clients old and new every Wednesday and Friday and two saturdays a month. At first she will be taking bookings directly through her instagram page @lashesbyemilieelizabeth but eventually will be added as a staff member on my website where all her clients can simply book her through the drop down menu on the website booking page. Emilie is also a brand ambassador for Lash Candy so she will be using only the best products, exclusive to the brand. I cannot wait to have her grow with me on this amazing journey and see where we get to next! So I'd like to officially welcome the next lash queen to dominate the game into the Lash Candy family! And what better way to do that than to head off as team to the biggest lash event of the year on International Women's Day!

Head over to her page to follow her journey and show some love for this amazing girl!

Lastly, to all lash artists in the making, keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting updates and opportunities within the Lash Candy brand. I didn't come to play, I came to slay ;)

Lots of love,

Lash Candy!

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