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Lashes: Expectations vs reality

Can I just start by saying HOLY SH*T how hot is this weather right now? Loving it! But also because I'm British, I'm programmed to also hate it and complain bitterly that I'm too hot and sweaty lol! (Thank God for the air-con unit in my lash room - girls, game changer) Anywayyy.....

I felt like writing this one tonight because recently I've taken on a large influx of lash virgins, whether that's Russian lash virgins or absolute first timers when it comes to extensions, and where this industry is still so new and constantly evolving and growing, I feel like more information on this amazing service should be readily available.

This highly addictive, bad-ass attitude inducing treatment is so diverse and personal that in my opinion everyone should and could have lashes that suit them!

Personally at Lash Candy, Russian lashes are the default go to - all my Lash Candy girls are hooked on the Russian look. Some are long term addicts, some are classic converts and others are brand new to the whole experience but all cry out for fans on fans on fans! The wonderful thing about Russian lashes is that you can be as light or as extra as you want (keeping the natural lashes healthy obviously) its definitely not a one size fits all!

At Lash Candy your sets will never look plastic, heavy and droopy or "too much" for the look you wanted so fear not!

And to all my Classic Queens, if you know me, you know that your lash health is the most important thing to me but that comes with a little sacrifice - no I won't be putting thick barbed wire, heavy as shit classic lashes on you that are way too heavy and cause damage to your natural lash. I will not be part of the very few that give the industry the misconceived reputation that lash extensions cause damage.

So all in all, yes I am a slave to the Russians. Send help! But not really because I go willingly haha!

All in all, I feel from speaking to so many clients recently that the expectation is that Russians are always going to look mega thick, mega dramatic and mega over the top - the reality is that's just not true! (unless you ask me to work some serious EXTRA AF magic) We can tailor it to exactly your style. And no, Russian lashes aren't heavier than classic lashes (see image below for illustration) so they don't cause more damage than classics - neither should cause damage at all!

Basically, if you are tempted by Russian lashes but are too scared that you're going to come out looking like you've just come off stage, it ain't like that girl so lets do it!

Its all love!


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