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Hello to all you gorgeous bald/half bald lash babes! I wanted to take this opportunity to send you all some love and a few tips on how to properly care for your lashes during this #lockdown.

Firstly, the outbreak of covid-19 happens to coincide with the annual spring lash shed - always look for the positives in any situation - which means that while you are locked away indoors, your lashes will be shedding more than they usually do. Luckily you will be going through it at a time where it really doesn't matter so I want you all to take this opportunity to give your lashes a break! Let them shed and get ready for when we get back to normality!

So if you have any lashes left at all and it's getting to that point where you would have had a fill, I recommend taking them off and giving them a good clean! Don't pick the last remaining stragglers out, instead do the opposite of everything I have ever taught you haha! Right now oil is your friend in these dark times, so enjoy hot, steamy baths or showers while you coat your lashes (and your hair and skin is also a good idea) in coconut oil and creams!

However I do recommend a professional removal of lashes so below are a few links for some proper lash removal products for you to use at home to safely remove those last few extensions;

For those of you that are as highly strung as I am and have already pulled your lashes out, or for those of you that want to take this opportunity to grow your lashes as best as possible, below are some links to some amazing lash serums that will give them new life;

You are not going anywhere for a while, so embrace your natural beauty and use this time to create your glow up! For some of you that means going from light Russians to the mega set you dreamed of when we meet again!

For those of you that have already booked deposits and have had appointments rescheduled due to the Coronavirus, you will be my first priority and as soon as I am given the green light to get back to work, I will contact you all to give you first pick of appointment availability. I will then open up the diary for new bookings. I have decided to work as if it's Christmas for the first few weeks of reopening business so that I will be able to lash as many of you as possible, as quickly as possible. That goes for my girl Emilie too so there's no reason why you cannot get the appointment you crave the second we are all free!

Lastly, I am currently running a competition on my social media giving the chance for two lucky besties to win a FREE FULL SET OF FLUFFY RUSSIANS! So don't forget to enter the competition below and good luck girls!

I cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces again and get carpal tunnel syndrome from all the lashing!

Until then, stay safe, love you all!

Love Lash Candy xoxox

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