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The tutorials are designed for users who do not have any programming experience. For users who have experience with a programming language, IBM AIX provides detailed instructions on how to create software applications on IBM AIX using the commands that are most commonly available to that type of user. The tutorials are derived from developer guides. Operating system IBM AIX 7 and IBM AIX 6.1 operating systems use the kernel IOPCC. IBM AIX 6.1 IBM AIX 6.1 supports the IOPCC/7, the kernel IOPCC as well as the AIX 6.1 native kernel. The Linux kernel will also work on AIX 6.1. The default IOPCC/7 kernel, known as the C4 kernel, was the kernel that was used with AIX 6.1 prior to the release of the AIX 6.1.2 and the AIX 6.1.3 kernels. The C4 kernel included the following features: Extensive memory protection. Support for up to 8 virtual processors Support for virtual memory User-level paging and non-paged pool memory allocation File system block allocation Universal paging and address space Virtual machine management (with capabilities of "V2, V3, or V4" - capability for virtual machines on AIX 5.2 and AIX 6.0 systems) Virtual machine management features (V2, V3, or V4) provided the ability to allocate virtual processors (VPs) that can be distributed across physical processors. An application that utilizes multiple VPs was referred to as an instance of a virtual machine. An application could specify that it required that the VPs be allocated on the physical processors and run as a single instance of the virtual machine. The C4 kernel was very similar to the K7 kernel in terms of kernel features. The C4 kernel was optimized for AIX. In addition, the C4 kernel provided extensibility with the ability to provide an enhanced version of itself, known as a kernel extension. IBM AIX 6.1.2 IBM AIX 6.1.2 includes the new kernel IOPCC/7. In addition to the new kernel features, the AIX 6.1.2 kernel includes support for SCSI tape drives and SCSI tape libraries. The AIX 6.1.2 kernel includes the following





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Download Aix Training Videos Torrent

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