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Keep dry for first 24 hours!

Every lash tech will recommend differently when it comes to the first 24 hours, however, just to ensure the best retention for your lashes, we ask that you keep your lash set dry for the first 24 hours to allow the glue to fully bond to your natural lashes without any compromise.


Wash Your Lashes!

Once you have let your lash extensions dry for the first 24 hours, you will need to start washing them daily. This removes built up dirt, make up, dead skin etc and will keep your lash extensions lasting longer, looking fuller and keeping your natural lashes healthy! Lash shampoos can be bought online or in salon. 

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Try to avoid excess heat & steam!

For all our health & fitness babes! Saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs kick out a lot of steam and heat which can flatten the curl of your lash extensions. Lash extensions are made using heat so when exposed to heat they can change curl again resulting in a flatter look. Also avoid the first kick of heat and steam when opening the oven! Singed lashes are a no no and will ruin any lash set!


Avoid oily products!

Oily products such as moisturisers and facial serums contain oily ingredients that compromise the bond of the lash glue and create a heavy and stubborn layer of trapped dead skin, dirt build up and makeup product that will cause premature fall out of the lash extensions, while also ruining the fluffy, fresh look of your lashes!


Don't pick or pull your lash extensions!

Fiddling with your lashes, picking or pulling them will result in not only loss of lash extensions but will cause damage to your natural lashes, which in turn will make infills more sparse, difficult to complete or potentially impossible to do.  


Book Regular Infills!

If you are hooked on your new lash addiction (chances are you are!) you are going to need to keep on top of their maintenance. By booking regular infills (2-3 weeks) you will avoid long outgrown lash extensions causing irritation, lash sets looking odd/sparse/uneven and lastly you will avoid having to book a full set because it has been left too long. 

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