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Our mission at Lash Candy is to provide our clients and students alike with a seriously indulgent and unforgettable experience. We seek to deliver a service that goes above and beyond any other, from our lash extension sets, to our top of the range training courses. Our goal is to leave you pampered and inspired!


In 2018 I walked away from a soul sucking and all consuming corporate job. I walked away with no idea, nor any plan on where I was headed next, all I knew was that I was lost. 

But doesn't the saying go, "fake it til you make it"? With that in mind, I picked myself up and gave myself a break from the pity party I was hosting and had a self care day. Among other treatments, I decided to get my eyelashes done for the first time....

My life changed in that lash appointment! 

Ironically it took me to lay still for 2 hours with my eyelids closed to truly open my eyes to a whole new career opportunity I never even thought about! While i was getting my lashes done, I was learning from the lovely lash artist who opened up to me during my appointment about the lash world and all it comes with.

Once the set was complete, my mind was made up! I took a look at myself in the mirror with my new lashes and saw a whole new me I hadn't met before - a girl with a vision! I booked my course that day and I have not looked back since.

Using the skills and experience of sales and business development skills and experience I have accrued over the last ten years, I created my company and Lash Candy was born. From the moment the concept of my brand was created, I have not stopped dedicating my heart and soul into this incredible career that I forged for myself. Lash Candy continues to grow and develop into a trendsetting, original and fearless brand that is designed to empower, inspire and care for the women behind the brand and for the women that support it. 

Lash Candy's mission statement is clear but it's vision statement is safely tucked away in our secret lab, coming closer and closer to fruition with every working day! Come with us on our journey and be a part of this sweet story!

All our love,

Lash Candy x 

Lash Candy Values

QUALITY - We pride ourselves on only using the highest quality products and tools for all of our services and training courses with no hesitation on financial investment. 

INSPIRATION - We take great care in using our platform as young independent women to promote, inspire and motivate our clients/students into pursuing their goals and chasing their dreams. We ensure that all communication is positive, uplifting and encouraging as we wholeheartedly believe that together we are better. 

INDIVIDUALITY - We make it our goal at Lash Candy to deliver bespoke treatments to every one of our clients as we all know one size does not fit all! We want every person to feel unique and special when receiving treatments or training from us so we ensure that we take the time to understand the needs of our clients/students and cater our services accordingly. We proudly believe we deliver all of this while maintaining our own individuality as a company and continuously strive to keep our brand unique, original and trendsetting. 

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