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Sh*t retention, why?

Every lash artist's worst nightmare in two words, - "bad retention". But what are the causes, obvious and not so?

Bad retention for me, falls into 3 categories; the lash artist, the client and the unavoidable.

Starting off with the lash artist; we've all been there, we've all had that day where we have either dropped the ball or not had the experience yet to control the variables that control retention. The basics like humidity/temperature/glues that don't suit the lash tech/application will all have a major effect on how long the lash sets last. These are easy fixes thank God so new and budding lash techs fear not!

Then there's the client - oh boy! After care is explained and advised (or should be) at the lash appointment, but after that you girlies are on your own! Oil is public enemy number one for lashes so anything that is rich in oily properties will end up breaking down the bond between the extension and the natural lash and hey presto - falling fans everywhere! This can be oil in your makeup, makeup remover and the oils in your skin - stop touching your lashes with your fingers lady, I see you! ;) (also changing your skin care routine to combat oily skin will help).

So if your lash lady is BOMB AF and you are keeping to your lash aftercare advice like they are your new Ten Commandments then there's only one category left; the unavoidable.

*DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN* (Dramatic music obviously).

This category is a pain in the arse but nothing we can do to stop it, between clients and lash artists we can only manage it as best as possible.

The unavoidable consists of many thing such as hormones and hormone imbalances. For example, any medication taken to control hormones will either make the lashes more oily or more brittle. This will have an effect on retention and cannot be controlled. Other factors to consider are steroid use, thyroid conditions, poly-cystic ovarian issues, vitamin doses to increase hair growth etc. These will all play a major part in retention. A cause not to forget also is your natural lash shed! This is normal, natural and cyclic so do not panic!

Lash but not least (Christ I love a good pun!), getting them wet in the critical curing time. Although your lashes are done and you're free to go, your lash glue is still curing and is susceptible to weakening if in contact with excess moisture.

As a client you need to let your lash artist know of any medication you're on or any factors that you are aware of that could impact the lifespan of your lashes. That way the two of you can plan and prepare for the issues as best as possible and get your lashes lasting as long as possible!

It's all love!

Lash Candy x

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